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Fear of the dentist is quite common, and individuals who experience dental phobias may find it hard to maintain their oral health.

Dental phobia and anxiety can make it incredibly challenging to visit the dentist and, at Ingleby House Dental Practice, we believe everyone should be free of feeling this way, so they can have the treatment they need and deserve.

We believe in redefining what it means to go to the dentist, and we help patients to feel positive about being in a dental practice environment. Our team are experienced in helping patients talk through and overcome their fear and can offer solutions and ideas tailored to tackle the source of your anxiety.

We listen to the cause of your phobia & anxiety and try and help you to overcome it at a pace that suits you.


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How can I overcome my fear of visiting the dentist?
The first step is to contact us and talk through your fears with a member of our team.

We find that many dental phobias ease if the patient feels they are in complete control of the process. Any questions you have, our friendly and knowledgeable team will answer to put your mind at rest.

If you are preparing to undergo a treatment you are feeling particularly nervous about, it may help to discuss the procedure with your dentist.


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