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Cosmetic Crowns in Cullompton offer a natural-looking, long-lasting way to cover up problems such as chips, decay, discolouration or the presence of a large filling.

They are used to restore shape, size and strength to improve the appearance of the tooth and are commonly made from porcelain, ceramic or even gold.

After the crown is fitted you must avoid any hard or sticky foods. Although crowns are made from a strong material they may break if subjected to unnecessary force.

Always brush and floss your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, attending regular dentist appointments so we are about to keep an eye on your crown and the tooth underneath.


What is crown lengthening?
Crown lengthening – otherwise known as gum contouring – is a term used for reshaping the gum line to improve the uniformity across your smile. The procedure is also used in the treatment of chronic gum disease by removing excess gum tissue.

Is crown lengthening for me?
Crown lengthening might be for you if you feel you have little teeth or a “gummy” smile. Occasionally, this appearance is due to a high lip line rather than excess gum. Still, contouring can aid in marrying the two beautifully. Another advantage of gum contouring is the ability to redistribute soft tissue across exposed areas for sensitivity control.


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